Creature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their WorkCreature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their Work

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Creature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their Work

Welcome, everybody! I'm Yvonne and I volunteer at the local animal shelter. It is amazing to see how a little interaction can perk animals up. Mostly, there are dogs and cats, but we've had illegal pets too such as goannas, kangaroos, hares and even a fox! Of course, they can't be released into the wild. I am in absolute awe of the veterinarians who attend our shelter. They can treat everything from the largest Great Dane down to tiny turtles. They tell me that the animals are often abandoned because they appear to be sick; however, in most cases, a simple vet treatment does the trick. In this blog, I plan to sing the praises of vets and explain the ways I've seen them prevent and cure animal ailments. I hope there's something for both pet lovers and future pet owners. Thank you for stopping in.

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Two actions to take if your dog dislikes going to the vet

If your dog's visits to the vet tend to be stressful affairs, here are some things you can do to help your dog learn to tolerate or even enjoy these important appointments.

Start using a dog grooming service

One way you can teach your dog to tolerate going to the vet is by using a dog grooming service. Firstly, being groomed by someone they aren't hugely familiar with on a semi-regular basis will allow your dog to learn that being handled by a stranger is not something to be feared. Furthermore, whilst they may not like being bathed, they might, like many dogs, thoroughly enjoy being brushed and fussed over.

This may result in them getting excited when they realise they're being taken to the groomer's and eventually, may lead to them building an association between being handled by someone they don't know that well, and a feeling of relaxation or happiness. This, in turn, may result in them being a lot less hostile or distressed when the vet needs to examine them.

Secondly, making sure your pet's fur is groomed often enough that it never ends up matted will also mean that when the vet needs to examine their skin for things like cysts, rashes or bites, he or she won't have to pull apart any matted fur (which could be uncomfortable for your pet) to do so.

Consider taking them to the beach, park or woods after their appointments

If you have time, you should consider taking them to a nice outdoor area, like the beach, park or the woods after their vet appointments. The reason for this is as follows; if your pet gets very nervous during their appointment, they'll probably be filled with adrenaline by the end of it, even if your vet is as gentle and friendly as they can be. If this happens and you just take them home, they might begin to associate the vet with this uncomfortable feeling of adrenaline that courses through their body for a long time after each appointment.

However, if you take them to an outdoor area where there is space for them to run around, other dogs for them to meet and lots of new smells, sights and sounds for them to enjoy, they'll be able to burn off their excess energy and feel tired and calm by the end of this trip. If you do this consistently after each vet visit, you should start to notice that your dog gets excited by the sight of the vet's office or at the very least, that they cheer up considerably when they're about to leave it, as they'll associate the vet with their fun outdoor excursions.