Creature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their WorkCreature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their Work

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Creature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their Work

Welcome, everybody! I'm Yvonne and I volunteer at the local animal shelter. It is amazing to see how a little interaction can perk animals up. Mostly, there are dogs and cats, but we've had illegal pets too such as goannas, kangaroos, hares and even a fox! Of course, they can't be released into the wild. I am in absolute awe of the veterinarians who attend our shelter. They can treat everything from the largest Great Dane down to tiny turtles. They tell me that the animals are often abandoned because they appear to be sick; however, in most cases, a simple vet treatment does the trick. In this blog, I plan to sing the praises of vets and explain the ways I've seen them prevent and cure animal ailments. I hope there's something for both pet lovers and future pet owners. Thank you for stopping in.

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