Creature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their WorkCreature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their Work

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Creature Comfort: In Praise Of Veterinarians And Their Work

Welcome, everybody! I'm Yvonne and I volunteer at the local animal shelter. It is amazing to see how a little interaction can perk animals up. Mostly, there are dogs and cats, but we've had illegal pets too such as goannas, kangaroos, hares and even a fox! Of course, they can't be released into the wild. I am in absolute awe of the veterinarians who attend our shelter. They can treat everything from the largest Great Dane down to tiny turtles. They tell me that the animals are often abandoned because they appear to be sick; however, in most cases, a simple vet treatment does the trick. In this blog, I plan to sing the praises of vets and explain the ways I've seen them prevent and cure animal ailments. I hope there's something for both pet lovers and future pet owners. Thank you for stopping in.

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What you need to know about dog boarding facilities

Dog boarding facilities are available when you won't be home for an extended period of time. These boarding facilities will keep your dog safe and happy, get it sufficient exercise, and make sure it has plenty of food and water. Here are some things to know about dog boarding facilities.

Your Dog Will Get Exercise and Play Time

If you have a dog that needs a certain amount of exercise and time out of the kennel, it is important to find a boarding facility that offers outside amenities. Many boarding facilities will either walk your dog regularly or will offer a dog run outside. Others have enough room outside for a fenced area where the dogs are let out to enjoy play time with other dogs and get the exercise they need. There will also be some potty areas for your dog. Others will have a separate indoor play area for dogs that are a little calmer and prefer sitting with toys, as opposed to being active.

Emergencies Are Treated As Such

The staff at boarding facilities are trained to keep an eye on the dogs and to know when there is a dog that appears to be ill. If it seems sick or like it has gotten injured, they will either call your veterinarian or have it brought to the nearest animal hospital, such as Belmont Avenue Veterinary Hospital. They will contact you right away so you can keep in contact with the vet or return from your trip early to get your dog. However, you should not bring your dog to a boarding facility if it already is ill or has an injury.

The Sleeping Arrangements Vary

You should be aware that the sleeping arrangements and where the dog stays most of the time can very based on the type of facility. Many boarding facilities have kennel cages, where the dog has enough room for sleeping, along with access to food and water. Others are cage-free, where the dogs are free to roam in an open area. They can still have what they need, including their toys and own bed, but they won't be forced to stay in a cage. If you think your dog would do better in this environment, look for a facility that is cage-free.

Medications Can Be Administered

It is also important to know that your dog will still be able to get medications even if they stay in a boarding facility. You just need to bring along the medications and be very specific about how the medication needs to be administered. Write down what medications are given and at what intervals, along with the method that works best for your dog.